Jean-Michel Alberola (born in 1953 in Algeria, lives in Paris) is at once one of the best-known and most mysterious French artists of his generation. Palais de Tokyo has invited him to put on a large-scale solo show, the first in Paris since his retrospective at the Musée d’art moderne de la Ville de Paris, almost 20 years ago. Political, poetic, committed and profound, Jean-Michel Alberola’s oeuvre is a geography rather than a history, a panorama that allows him to act artistically on reality, feelings and the state of the world – such as the migratory questions which have been present in his work for over 10 years, the consumer society, or capitalism –, through paintings, neon lights, films, texts, objects, installations, sculptures, murals, publications and tracts. By presenting a large number of original pieces, including a film about Saint Francis of Assisi, alluding to his thoughts about poverty, a lit

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