P.P.O.W’s first exhibition with multimedia artist Hew Locke opens in New York

P.P.O.W presents Patriots, the gallery’s first exhibition with multimedia artist Hew Locke. The exhibition will continue Locke’s investigation into the role public statues play in the way national identity and history are formed, an element of his practice that he has been exploring since 2002. This interest was initially born out of seeing a statue of Queen Victoria taken down during his childhood in Georgetown, Guyana – an event that toppled his notion that the status quo was in fact static. Later, while living in London, Locke became fascinated with the Victorian statues that dotted the city, emblematic sculptures that were so visible that they had essentially become invisible to passersby. Embarking on a project that he dubbed the “Impossible Proposals,” Locke began photographing these iconic statues – from Richard the Lion Hearted, to the slave trader

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