Old Master paintings, silver, porcelain and glass included in Koller Zurich’s autumn auctions

On 20 September, Koller will be presenting the first edition of Isaac Newton’s “Philosophiae naturalis principia mathematica” (Mathematical principles of natural philosophy), published in London 1687 – one of the most important scientific books of all times. No other work has had such a tremendous impact on the scientific world-view of modern times until Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, as Newton’s ground-breaking law of universal gravitation and classical mechanics. Due to this masterpiece, the universe became a describable entity. The copy on offer at Koller has a very important provenance: It used to belong to the Basel University Library and contains highly interesting scientific annotations which are clearly from the circle of the Bernoulli mathematicians’ dynasty in Basel. In the 19th century, the library sold the present copy as a duplicate. Later, it was owned by the

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