Ode To Art presents leading Chinese artist Yu Nancheng’s first solo exhibition in Singapore

A veteran in the world of oil painting, Yu Nancheng has long been fascinated by the allure of both foreign artistic traditions as well as Chinese culture. This is his first solo exhibition of his critically acclaimed China Red series in Singapore, after Wellington Gallery Hong Kong, Li Kai Lin Gallery United Kingdom and a few other renowned galleries in China. This series is a blend of East and West influences as well as modernity and tradition. The subject matters in China Red are all Chinese elements; Tai Chi is one such element. The essence of Tai Chi can be encapsulated as the interplay of opposing flows and forces. This essence is deftly captured in Yu’s work. China Red comprises thousands of people practising Tai Chi at Tiananmen Square in China. The portrayal of the poses allows Yu to bring forth the spirituality associated with these movements: the yin and yang, the hard and

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