NY judge rules Woodstock 50 festival can go on

A major festival commemorating the 50th anniversary of Woodstock can proceed, a New York judge ruled, saying in a decision Wednesday that a former investor can't unilaterally shelve the event. The two-day hearing came after the organization behind the anticipated festival, Woodstock 50, sued its former financier Amplifi Live for telling the public the celebration scheduled for August 16-18 was canceled. Judge Barry Ostrager of New York state's Supreme Civil Court decided in favor of the festival organizers but said Woodstock 50 "falls woefully short" of proving Amplifi Live -- a subsidiary of the Japanese marketing firm Dentsu -- needed to return the approximately $18 million in funds it withdrew from the festival bank account when it backed out. The feud is set for arbitration. Dentsu had thrown in the towel on April 29, alleging "misrepresentations,

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