Noted photographer/actor/skateboarder Jason Lee debuts first solo museum show

Philbrook Downtown presents the original exhibition OK: Jason Lee Photographs, opening Saturday, June 1, 2019. Commissioned by Philbrook, the exhibition will feature more than 150 color and black-and-white photographs made throughout Oklahoma on various road trips in 2018. Lee’s cinematic eye finds beauty in the banal, capturing timeless moments and everyday scenes in both urban and rural settings. In 2002, Lee developed a passion for photography and dedicated himself to pursuing the medium as a creative profession. Since that time, Lee has immersed himself in the art of pre-digital photography. His photos capture the haunting remnants of the past, often starkly juxtaposed against the enduring landscape. Lee says, “Since my first photographic outing in 2006 in my native California, where I explored a more rural, perhaps neglected face of

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