Not Clowning Around

Ever since we encountered Jumper Maybach (aka Ben Workman),%26nbsp;we%26rsquo;ve been enamored of this painter and performance artist who%26rsquo;s descended from a famed Corpus Christi clown. Granddad Earl Eugene Readdy first applied the grease paint, tapping a young and impressionable Workman to be his sidekick for volunteer gigs in South Texas. Years later, Workman has stepped into the arena of clowndom, but adds artist to the equation. With dual Heights-area studios, he pairs his signature white-face with striking Robert Graham shirts at monthly openings. The booming painting practice of his ab-ex canvases in circus hues %26mdash;%26nbsp;our fave: the Cotton Candy series %26mdash; led to a PA at Art Dubai and a biopic produced by actor Pepe Serna of Scarface fame. Stay tuned for Maybach%26rsquo;s cinematic debut: His eponymous movie, set for release next spring, has garnered 24,000 Likes on Facebook for its moving account of the Jumper story, including his struggle for equal rights as a gay clown man. At Aurora Art Studios, 129 Aurora St., Studio 11; Heights Art Studios and Gallery, 214. E. 27th St., Studio 6; 713.703.1350;

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