Norman Rockwell Museum presents “Presidents, Politics, and the Pen: The Influential Art of Thomas Nast”

As America focuses on the spectacle of this year’s presidential election, Norman Rockwell Museum takes a look back at the 19th century to examine the impact that one of the nation’s greatest image-makers had over its politics. Presidents, Politics, and the Pen: The Influential Art of Thomas Nast is on view at the Museum from September 10 through December 4, 2016. Thomas Nast (1840-1902) was a noted illustrator whose political cartoons had considerable influence over the nation 150 years ago. Known as "The President Maker," Nast’s cartoons proved crucial in affecting the outcome of six presidential elections, which his favored candidates were known to win. The artist held presidential-hopefuls accountable for the issues of the day—from political corruption to imperialism, inflation, and civil rights. Although lacking formal education,

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