Noemi Niederhauser’s first solo exhibition with Chabah Yelmani Gallery opens in Brussels

Chabah Yelmani Gallery announces the opening of My Brother is a green parrot ( Amnesia Decides: Chapter I), Noemi Niederhauser’s (a collaboration with Hélène Combal-Weiss) first solo exhibition with the gallery. Amnesia decides is made by a duo: Noemi Niederhauser & Hélène Combal-Weiss. With on one side, a mix media based practice concerned with archiving and the interpretation/ misinterpretation of artifacts, and on the other side an exploration of experimental materials and video in the design process. They meet in the creation of disruptive narratives by choreographing the making and the meaning in hybrid ways. Amnesia decides interrogates the place of artifacts as discourses of knowledge and cultural value. It analyzes how the appropriation and will to understand cultural elements that do not belong to one’s own society or time necessarily leads to inaccuracy,

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