Nicolas Party creates four story mural, “Trees” for stairwell at Marciano Art Foundation

Marciano Art Foundation is presenting Trees, a site-specific mural by New York-based Swiss artist Nicolas Party on view throughout the four story stairwell of MAF. Commissioned by Marciano Art Foundation, Party creates a fantastical forest scene that grows upwards as visitors climb the stairwell floor by floor. The viewer’s movement becomes integral to the work—as guests move from the dense bushes and roots on the ground floor to the lush treetops on the third floor, they become active participants guided through a colorful, imagined dreamscape. Nicolas Party is known for his work across a wide range of different mediums, including sculptures, pastels, installations, prints, drawings, and especially his bold and colorful paintings and murals. His use of common, everyday objects and motifs in his work provides him the subject matter

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