“Nguyen Trinh Thi: Letters from Panduranga” on view at Jeu de Paume

Nguyen Trinh Thi (born 1973, Hanoi) is an artist and filmmaker. She studied journalism and photography at the university of Iowa and international relations and ethnographic film at university of California, San Diego. Her documentary and experimental films have been screened at festivals and exhibitions nationally and internationally. Nguyen is the founding director of Hanoi DocLab (2009), a center for documentary filmmaking and video art in Hanoi, where she continues to teach today. Selected for her layered, personal and poetic approach to contentious histories and current events through experimentations with the moving image, Nguyen is the last of four artists exhibiting in the satellite 8 program “Enter the Stream at the Turn.” She is best known for her works Unsubtitled (2010) and Landscape Series #1 (2013) – uniquely formatted video installations that deftly speak

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