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Sam Durant Drone Set to Grace New York’s High Line

Sam Durant has been awarded the second High Line Plinth commission, for which the artist plans to create a nearly life-size replica of the General Atomics MQ-1 Predator drone deployed by the United ... | Read More

Is It Really Possible For A Singer To Shatter A Glass With Her Voice? Well …

It can be done, but it’s hardly easy or common, even for people with astounding voices. You have to be hitting just the right note with just the right glass: not any old tumbler or champagne flute will do it, and you have to land — at around 100 decibels — on the precise frequency that will set that particular vessel resonating. (video) – Yahoo! (AmazeLab)

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Community College Enrollment Plunges

The downward trend is occurring at community colleges across the country — the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center recently reported a 9.5 percent decline at community colleges nationwide — and is being compounded by the acute socioeconomic effects of the pandemic on students. – InsideHigherEd

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For The Guardian, At Least, Charitable Donations To Support News Are Actually Working

The newspaper/website raised $9 million through its dedicated US nonprofit alone over the past 12 months, and has been both active and transparent about getting NGO support to cover specific areas such as human rights and climate change. That said, philanthropy is nowhere near being a primary revenue source, “and after one glorious year of not losing money, The Guardian reported... | Read More

Jyoti Dhar on the 2021 March Meeting

“YOU FEEL GEOLOGIC TIME IN SHARJAH,” Eungie Joo said at the March Meeting 2021, the annual three-day convening of globe-trotting art professionals hosted by the Sharjah Art Foundation (SAF) in the ... | Read More

Political Theatre Is Useless If It’s Just Preaching To The Choir – So What To Do About It?

“When political theatre preaches to the choir, it removes its potential to disrupt. Indeed, by having such a laser focus on bringing “awareness” to issues, much political art forgets to have a point of view. Art in the current landscape tells us that we live in a racist society or that violence against women exists, but it doesn’t tell us how to fight back. So, we’ve left behind... | Read More

Marketing Opera On TikTok (Maybe It Works!)

The Royal Opera House in London launched a TikTok channel last summer and has since picked up more than 400,000 followers, with some of its quickie videos picking up millions of hits and likes, especially Diana Damrau singing the Queen of the Night’s second aria from The Magic Flute. – The Telegraph (UK)

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Podcaster Chronicles Racism, ‘Resistance’ And The Fight For Black Lives

... | Read More

The Louvre’s Director Is Mounting A Public Campaign To Keep His Job

“Jean-Luc Martinez, … whose job security has been a matter of public speculation for weeks, … has been on a media tour in recent weeks, offering interviews to newspapers, magazines, and television outlets explaining his achievements at the world’s most visited museum. … ‘His enemies accuse him of selling the museum to tourists, carrying out costly [renovations], buying... | Read More

Why Do Complex, Messy Spelling And Writing Systems So Rarely Get Reformed? Power

When they do get reformed, it’s usually because autocrats force the changes through (as with Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and Mao Zedong). “A big reason spelling systems never seem to get overhauled in more liberal societies is that those in a position to change the rules have learned the old ones. Put another way, the type of folk who were once good at spelling bees now run the world.... | Read More

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