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3 New Options Enhance The Spectrum Of TV Viewing Opportunities

Critic David Bianculli recommends the BBC Shakespeare plays, now available on Britbox. He's also been previewing HBO Max, a new streaming service, and the PBS documentary, An Accidental Studio.

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Christo’s Most Controversial Artworks: Protests, Political Outcries, Deaths, and More

Christo, who died on Sunday at the age of 84, will always be remembered for the intense visual spectacle of his wrappings, many of them produced with his wife Jeanne-Claude. Yet those fond memories of flowing fabric and dramatic alterations to sites and structures often obscure matters of controversy surrounding Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s art. Below, a survey of the scandals that... | Read More

Leading Thinkers Envision The Post-Pandemic World

“They describe a society that is clear-eyed about the disparities that have made this pandemic so much worse for some communities than for others. They call on us to sustain each other through mutual aid, understanding that our lives are all woven together in ways that may not always have been visible until now. They outline the necessity of protecting democracy, resisting... | Read More

Elsa Dorfman, Photographer of Large-Format Polaroid Portraits, Has Died at 83

Photographer Elsa Dorfman, who created large-format portraits of herself and others using a 200-pound Polaroid camera, has died at age 83. According to a report by the Boston Globe, the cause of her death was kidney failure.

Over the course of her decades-long career, Dorfman produced Polaroid photographs of herself, friends, celebrities, and fellow artists to explore notions of... | Read More

RIP: Christo, Who Worked on a Monumental Scale, Passes Away at 84

Christo at The Floating Piers, June 2016, Photo: Wolfgang Volz Christo, the Bulgarian artist known for massively scaled environmental works that spread miles of fabric and other materials across natural landmarks and buildings at sites around the globe, has passed away at the age of 84.  Working for much of his life alongside his late wife, […]... | Read More

MA, Arts Management from George Mason University-Deadlines Extended

Arts Management graduate classes are offered on flexible schedules and taught by faculty from top arts organizations in the DC Metro area.

Whether you see yourself working for a performing arts center, museum, community arts center, or running your own business, we are here to help make your career goals a reality. Our students gain the practical skills and mentoring needed to take... | Read More

Identical Twins Become Divided By Race In ‘The Vanishing Half’

Brit Bennett's new novel centers on two light-skinned African American sisters — one of whom "passes" for white. The Vanishing Half is compelling — if somewhat melodramatic.

(Image credit: Riverhead Books)

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Living Your Life Through Aphorisms

Much of the history of Western philosophy can be narrated as a series of attempts to construct systems. Conversely, much of the history of aphorisms can be narrated as an animadversion, a turning away from such grand systems through the construction of literary fragments. The philosopher creates and critiques continuous lines of argument; the aphorist, on the other hand, composes scattered... | Read More

Barbara Hammer

Celluloid decays, as do we. Nowhere is this more perceptible than in Barbara Hammer’s film Sanctus, 1990, a symphonic arrangement of rephotographed, moving X-rays stitched together. Part of the ongoing ... | Read More

Reformatted CHART Fair Will Show Only Women Artists

CHART Art Fair is revamping its upcoming edition. The 2020 event will embrace a new de-centered format that will unfold across five Nordic capitals from August 28 to August 30. Traditionally held in ... | Read More
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