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Important New Study Reveals Mental Health Toll On Musicians

Previous research showed that more than 70% of musicians have experienced anxiety and panic attacks. The “precariousness and insecurity” of a career in music can be psychologically damaging, the new report claims, resulting in many experiencing “constant stress” around finding work and being financially stable.

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Minneapolis Police Dept. To Start Running Bookmobiles

"Community policing officers will carry books while they are making their rounds on the city's North and South sides. They'll still respond to certain emergencies, but won't be dispatched to calls for help, freeing them up to visit neighborhoods without libraries and give away books to anyone who wants them. The program is the first of its kind in the country, organizers say."

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You Should “Know Yourself”? Um, Not Necessarily A Great Idea

This whole ‘knowing thyself’ business is not as simple as it seems. In fact, it might be a serious philosophical muddle – not to say bad advice.

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‘I’m Just Trying To Make Myself Laugh’: ‘New Yorker’ Artist Shares His Cover Stories

Barry Blitt's new book features some of the cartoonist's most memorable and merciless work, including his 2008 drawing of Barack and Michelle Obama fist-bumping in the Oval Office.

(Image credit: The New Yorker via

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Mary Cochran, Dancer With Paul Taylor And Chair Of Dance At Barnard, Dead At 54

Known for what Dance magazine called "her verve, charm and daring," Cochran performed with the Paul Taylor Dance Company from 1984 to 1996 and led the well-regarded dance department at Barnard College from 2003 to 2013.

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Puerto Rico’s PBS Station Is Shut Down

Sistema TV in San Juan has been taken off the air because, following Hurricane Maria, the university holding its license decided to cease all non-academic activities.

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Brown University’s New Orchestra Director ‘Relieved Of Duties’ Just Before His First Concert

"'Brandon Keith Brown is no longer serving in the role he took on this summer when he joined the university as visiting assistant professor of music and orchestra conductor,' said Brown spokesman Brian Clark. 'As for the reason, I am not at liberty to disclose details related to personnel, which we do not consider public.'" (That doesn't mean the students won't talk, though.)

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Classical Music Has Its Own Bunch Of Mini-Harvey Weinsteins

"One big problem is the mindless adulation bestowed on famous conductors and directors. Such sycophancy doesn't lead just to the tolerance of abuse, it mythologises the misdeeds so that they become part of the mystique surrounding 'the maestro'." (For example, Georg Solti, who'd seduce his way through the female choristers at the Royal Opera house and buy them white fur coats afterward.) And,... | Read More

PICKS: Zack Hatfield on Keith Mayerson at Marlborough Contemporary | New York, New York

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Inside The Weinstein Company When The Stories About Harvey Broke

"As they gathered, someone mentioned that The New Yorker story was up. The assembled employees read in silence. They listened to the tape. They knew that voice too well. Some began to shake, and many of them wept as they contemplated the roles they might have played as accomplices, unwitting or not." Dana Goodyear talks to current and former employees, many of whom insist that they knew Harvey... | Read More

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