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Entire Editorial Masthead of Cahiers du Cinéma Quits to Protest New Ownership

All fifteen staff members of Cahiers du Cinéma, the prominent French film magazine, have quit to protest its acquisition last month by twenty bankers, tech entrepreneurs, and movie producers—a deal the ... | Read More

Franco Vaccari

Eyes wide-open, challenging our increasingly bland, flattened, and frenetic reality, Franco Vaccari transforms the spaces of P420 into a “cavern of memory” populated by his own dreams. Entering, viewers ... | Read More

In His Writings and Public Statements, Donald Judd Wrestled With What It Means to Be an American Artist

In 1961 Donald Judd wrote a letter to the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) on behalf of fellow artist Yayoi Kusama. Such letters, meant to be included with applications for visas or residency permits, can be rote exercises. Judd could have noted Kusama’s exhibition history and vouched for the Japanese-born painter’s professional reputation. Instead, he took the... | Read More

Getting Your Art Off the Walls by Mindy Faubian and Gail Cope – VAST’s March 4th Guest Artists

Please join the Visual Arts Society of Texas (VAST), on March 4th, from 6:45 – 9:00 pm forGetting Your Art Off the Walls by artists Mindy Faubian and Gail Cope. The program will be about how to find new ways to use your artwork other than exhibitions and hanging it on the walls of homes and galleries. Both Mindy and Gail have lots of experience with alternative art sources to make your... | Read More

Research into Elgin Marbles Uncovers Spotty Provenance

A piece in Art News looks at recent research into the provenance of the Elgin Marbles, and asks if Britain committed fraud to claim legal ownership of the pieces. “The more I dug into the issue, the more I began twitching,” says David Rudenstine, a constitutional law professor at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law at […]... | Read More

Bernardo Paz, Top Brazilian Art Collector and Founder of Inhotim, Cleared of Money Laundering Charges

After more than two years, in what was perhaps one of the most shocking decisions in a criminal case to roil the Brazilian contemporary art scene, that ruling has been reversed. Earlier this month, a federal appeals court in the capital city of Brasília handed down a unanimous decision that Bernardo Paz, the eccentric collector who built the Instituto Inhotim, a massive sculpture park that... | Read More

Tarrant County College Northeast Campus Art Faculty & Staff Exhibition

MARCH 2 – APRIL 22, 2020

Join the Keller Arts Board in welcoming the Art Faculty & Staff of Tarrant County College, Northeast Campus for an exhibition of their artistic talents. The show offers a wide variety of art media, something for everyone.

An Evening with the Artists is planned for Thursday, March 19th at 7:00 p.m., Keller Town Hall, 1100 Bear Creek... | Read More

Haegue Yang Profiled in NYT

Artist Haegue Yang is profiled in the NYT, discussing recent work at MoMA and her busy work schedule. “What comes along with the intensity of the work is you almost lose yourself,” she says. “I think the confusion is good to have.” Read more at NYT... | Read More

Iza Tarasewicz

For her current exhibition, the Polish-born and Kolonia Koplany–based sculptor Iza Tarasewicz is showing steel-wire sculptures with copper cutouts and brass piping that extend through space like nets ... | Read More

Entire Uffizi Gallery Loans Committee Quits in Protest Over Raphael Work

A group of experts charged with evaluating works for loan at the Uffizi Gallery have quit en masse over the decision to send a Raphael work to Rome. “Keeping us busy for months drafting lists which are then ignored undermines the very existence of the committee,” reads an open resignation letter. “We think that the mass resignation of the […]... | Read More
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