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Transcending The Biological: Consider The Pointe Shoe

“Pointe shoes are a strangely enduring anachronism that epitomises the enduring desire for ballerinas to embody the unnatural, to portray an illusion. And their intention as a tool to evoke ethereal beings is in direct contrast with their actual biological impact on very real humans.” – Aeon

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New Financing, New Partners: Woodstock 50 Is On Again?

Perhaps. The music festival, planned to commemorate the iconic original fifty years ago, has been plagued by financing and organizational issues. But after a favorable court ruling and new partners, organizers say it’s on again. – New York Magazine

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Hirshhorn Garden Redesign Profiled in NYT

The NYT looks at the redesign of the Hirshhorn Museum Gardens and the plans in place for Hiroshi Sugimoto to rework the design. “This is what we’re seeing again and again,” says . Charles Birnbaum, the founder and president of the Cultural Landscape Foundation. “It’s really about having more open spaces to accommodate more people and more […]... | Read More

NYT Profiles Robert Mnuchin

The NYT has a piece on Robert Mnuchin this week, following the dealer’s winning bid on a $91 million Jeff Koons that made the work the most expensive price for a living artist. “It was an intense business,” he says of his past career at Goldman Sachs. “It was very competitive and I was successful at building relationships with serious […]... | Read More

MOCA to Move Towards Free Admission

Following a $10 million donation by MOCA board president, Carolyn Clark Powers, the LA Museum is planning to eliminate general ticket fees. “I think many of us are at a point where we understand that museums should not be ivory towers,” Klaus Biesenbach says. “MOCA should feel like a public library where you can go and […]... | Read More

The Problem With Eternity (And What To Do About It)

“The problem with eternity is not that it doesn’t exist but that it is undesirable and incoherent; it kills meaning and collapses value. This is a difficult truth to learn, because we are naturally fearful of loss, and therefore attached to the idea of eternal restoration.: – The New Yorker

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Does A New Classical Music Streaming Service Solve The Meta-Data Problem?

Music streaming services such as Spotify and Apple have notoriously bad interfaces for classical music. The problem is meta-data, the absence of which makes it difficult to properly search. Now Idagio, “launched in the United States and Canada last fall, is a new streaming service focusing solely on classical recordings—but focusing on doing it right.” – Vogue

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‘Filth Elder’ John Waters Says There Are Still ‘Plenty Of Rules’ Left To Break

The cult filmmaker, 73, has plenty of ideas about what older people should and shouldn't do. "You can't be trying too hard to rebel [when] you're older," Waters says. His new book is Mr. Know-It-All.

(Image credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

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Colleagues Remember I.M. Pei

People in the field who were close to him, recalling him after his death, said that the warmth was innate and not for show. “You think of architects who seem to lead with their ego, and he was never like that,” said David Childs, a consulting design partner with SOM, a firm that often competed with Pei’s. “He was very generous to me when I was a 28-year-old kid.” – The New... | Read More

The Experts Problem: Why Generalists Out-perform Experts

It turns out that experts have bad track records at predicting what will happen. Generalists, on the other hand, who read widely and are constantly adapting to the observations they make, are considerably more savvy. – The Atlantic

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