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How Our Toys Got Corrupted

During the past two centuries, educators, psychologists, toy companies and parents like us have acted, implicitly or otherwise, as if the purpose of play is to optimise children for adulthood. – The Guardian... | Read More

San Francisco Dance Company ODC Acquires A Third Building

Well, at least somebody can afford San Francisco real estate. This fortuitously located building — right next door to the company’s theater in the Mission District and around the corner from ODC Dance Commons — will offer space to other groups as well as expansion room for ODC. – San Francisco Chronicle... | Read More

New Technology That Replaces Most Musicians In The Theatre Pit

The innovative aspect of KeyComp, he said, is that a single musician can play one or two of the most important musical lines, and the technology adds subsidiary lines in a way that matches the player’s tempo, articulation and dynamics. ... | Read More

“Phantom Of The Opera” Isn’t Leaving Broadway After All (Well, Not Yet)

In September, after months of shrinking attendance, producers announced that the longest-running show in Broadway history would finally close this coming February.  Ticket sales immediately picked up, and last week’s gross box-office set a record. So the run has been extended for eight more weeks. – The New York Times... | Read More

Remembering Theatre Critic Michael Feingold

Feingold’s greatness rested in the agility of his focus. He had the ability to take an aerial view of the work under consideration. But then, with breathtaking swiftness, he would zoom in for a closeup, discussing the production with meticulous visual detail and sensitivity to the choices.... | Read More

“WALL-E” Director Andrew Stanton On Pioneering The Movie’s Style Of Visual Storytelling

“I always say that it was like trying to invent a new color. The hardest part is trying to get everybody to see this new color that you see. … Then we follow it and we’re discovering it as we go.” – Vulture... | Read More

A teary Will Smith opens up to Trevor Noah about the ‘rage’ behind his Oscar slap

... | Read More

Carey Perloff Digs Into Stoppard

The more I’ve dug into Stoppard’s biography, the clearer it has become that, in spite of appearing to be a quintessential Englishman, he’s always been an outsider. – Los Angeles Times... | Read More

Meet the 2023 CAA-Getty International Program Participants

CAA is pleased to announce this year’s participants in the CAA-Getty International Program. Now in its twelfth year, this international program, supported by the Getty Foundation, welcomes twelve new participants and four alumni to attend the 2023 Annual Conference in New York City. The goal of the CAA-Getty International Program is to increase international participation in CAA’s... | Read More

Is The Founding Novel Of Lesbian Literature Really A Lesbian Novel?  Is It Even A Good Book?

Radclyffe Hall’s The Well of Loneliness was a powerful, even life-changing story for several generations of gay women.  But there’s a serious argument to be made that it’s actually a trans novel.  As for its literary merit, … well, it has plenty of flaws. – BBC... | Read More
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