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Why Does Our Musical Taste Get Frozen In Our Youth?

"It’s simply not realistic to expect someone to respond to music with such life-defining fervour more than once. And it’s not realistic, either, to expect someone comfortable with his personality to be flailing about for new sensibilities to adopt. I’ve always been somewhat suspicious of those who truly do, as the overused phrase has it, listen to everything. Such schizophrenic tastes... | Read More

Claire Chase Wins This Year’s $100K Avery Fisher Prize

Chase, 38, became the first flutist to receive the Fisher Prize, which is awarded every few years to recognize musical excellence, vision and leadership (and whose payoff was increased this year from $75,000). The prize comes half a year after Ms. Chase stepped down from leading the International Contemporary Ensemble, the vital new-music collective commonly known as ICE, to focus more on her... | Read More

Can Berlin Really Afford A Dazzling New Museum Of Modern Art?

"The museum, set to be built in the center of the Kulturforum—a collection of museums that includes Mies van der Rohe’s New National Gallery, the Kunstbibliothek art library, and neighboring the Hans Scharoun-designed Philharmonic—has been controversial from the outset. Herzog & de Meuron won a second competition, after the initial one hailed no winner."

... | Read More

Exhibition offers an alternative perspective on early twentieth century Ukrainian avant-garde practices

GRAD, in collaboration with waterside contemporary, presents Postponed Futures, an exhibition that offers an alternative perspective on early twentieth century Ukrainian avant-garde practices through the lens of contemporary Ukrainian art. Curated by Kiev-based artist Nikita Kadan, the exhibition includes historical works by twentieth century masters Oleksandr Bohomazov, Vasyl Ermilov, Maria... | Read More

DHC/ART Foundation for Contemporary Art presents Ed Atkins’ first exhibition in Canada

Ed Atkins makes digital, computer-generated videos that emphatically stress corporal, analogue reality. The videos exhibited at DHC/ART have the startling ability to return us to our bodies despite – or perhaps because of – their bodiless, digital constitution. The animations themselves centre on representations of starkly physical things, sensations, and experiences – a... | Read More

Hot property: Kaspar Sonne is firing up buyer interest and could be the next big thing says Barnebys

Barnebys global art auction tracking service covers some 2,000 auction houses, so is a useful tool for following rising and falling trends in the art market. With some one million items on Barnebys search engine at any one time the aggregator’s number crunchers are able to offer predictions about who is up and who is down, and also spot early trends where a young artist’s work is... | Read More

Next at Newcomb Museum: Contemporary art from Puerto Rico

The Newcomb Art Museum of Tulane University presents Beyond the Canvas: Contemporary Art from Puerto Rico showcasing the work of Zilia Sánchez (b.1926), Julio Suárez (b.1947), Arnaldo Roche Rabell (b.1955), Pedro Vélez (b.1971), and Elsa María Meléndez (b.1974). The exhibition, on view from April 26 through July 9, coincides with the 100th anniversary of Puerto Ricans’ U.S.... | Read More

NYU’s Grey Art Gallery opens exhibition of works by Mark Mothersbaugh

A prolific composer, musician, and tinker, Mark Mothersbaugh (b. 1950) has also been making art since before the inception of his trailblazing post-punk band DEVO in 1973. The Grey Art Gallery hosts the first comprehensive exhibition of this remarkably creative artist and polymath, Mark Mothersbaugh: Myopia, on view at New York University from April 25 to July 15, 2017. Also known for his scores... | Read More

High Museum receives 54 artworks from Souls Grown Deep Foundation

Rand Suffolk, Nancy and Holcombe T. Green, Jr., director of the High Museum of Art, announced today that the Museum has received 54 works from the Souls Grown Deep Foundation, one of the most significant acquisitions by the High’s folk and self-taught art department since its establishment in 1994. The combined gift and purchase features paintings, sculptures and works on paper by 33... | Read More

Why The CIA Secretly Funded Arab Art For Years

Suspicions about the almost sudden spread and funding of American art movements such as Abstract Expressionism led critic Max Kozloff to describe it in a 1973 essay as"a form of benevolent propaganda." But while much is known about CIA funding for American art during the Cold War, their support for Arab art during the same period has rarely been discussed.

... | Read More
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