New Music: Yuck, Electronic Music Pioneer Roedelius, Chastity Belt And More

On this edition of All Songs Considered, host Bob Boilen returns from a long, arduous weekend of work, looking tan and rested. That's because he just got back from the Newport Folk Festival, where he spent three glorious days surrounded by love, rainbows and amazing music. But leave it to co-host Robin Hilton to harsh Bob's mellow, when he shows Bob the most horrifying publicity photo either has ever seen for a band. The perpetrator? Chastity Belt, a Seattle group that makes what its members call "the worst music you will ever hear." (It isn't anywhere near the worst music you'll ever hear — in fact, it's awesome.)

Also on this week's show: a new song from the sometimes gritty, sometimes droning rock group Yuck; the woozy, strangely captivating psych-pop of Jackson Scott; and veteran electronic-music pioneer Hans-Joachim Roedelius and his latest collaboration with bassist Stefan Schneider.

The Lone Bellow

Live At Newport

Song: You Never Need Nobody

Hear The Lone Bellow's full set from the 2013 Newport Folk Festival.

Rayland Baxter

Live At Newport

Song: The Tower Song

Chastity Belt

Album: No Regrets

Song: Black Sail


Jackson Scott

Album: Melbourne

Song: Evie



Album: Rebirth-Single

Song: Rebirth


Roedelius Schneider

Album: Tiden

Song: Umstunden

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