New Music: TV On The Radio, Rokia Traore, Lucius, More

On this week's episode of All Songs Considered, co-host Bob Boilen basks in the glory of his return by making fellow co-host Robin Hilton enjoy the musings of a box that when opened plays affirming statements with Bob's name that was gifted to him by a secret admirer. The theme of good vibes continues when artists that were featured on some of the earliest episodes of All Songs Considered, like TV On The Radio and Rokia Traore, return with new music.

NPR Music's Lars Gotrich joins the discussion to explain post-metal in light of a new track from metal juggernauts Pelican. NPR Music intern Thor Slaughter brings the self-described "#1 cut" of Jackson and His Computerband. All that and more on this week's episode, and don't forget: "You're the best, Bob."

Million Miles

Artist: TV On The Radio

Album: Million Miles

When they first emerged, we called TV On The Radio "one of the most unique acts of the new decade." That would be the last decade. "One of the first bands we ever featured on [All Songs Considered]," Robin recalls. The longtime indie favorites have a full length in the works but are tiding us over with another one-off single, featuring a lush and dreamy sound.


Artist: Lucius

Album: Wildewoman

"The songs build in really potent ways," says Bob Boilen of this Brooklyn-based indie pop five piece. Maybe it's the dual lead vocals of Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig that give Lucius, which is quickly becoming a favorite, something extra.

Deny the Absolute

Artist: Pelican

Album: Forever Becoming

"They came up at a time in metal where post-metal happened," says Lars Gotrich of Pelican. "It was more melodic, resembling post-rock." The group, which has been around for 13 years, is readying a new album.

Dead Living Things

Artist: Jackson & His Computerband

Album: Glow

Glow is Jackson and His Computerband's second album, following Smash in 2005. "It's glitchy, big and boisterous. It's a bit harder than most electro-pop out there," says Thor Slaughter.

Tidal Ground

Artist: Luray

Album: The Wilder

Taking the name of the Luray caverns in Virginia, banjo player Shannon Carey got help from her brother Sean Carey (Bon Iver) to produce this beautifully lush album.


Artist: Rokia Traoré

Album: Beautiful Africa

Another artist featured on an early episode of All Songs Considered. "Kouma" is the work of the amazingly talented Rokia Traore. An extremely accomplished guitar player as well as singer, Rokia released her new album Beautiful Africa in April.

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