New Mix: Fuzz, Danny Brown, Linda Thompson, More

On this edition of All Songs Considered, host Bob Boilen has a confession: everything in the world is actually a dream in his mind. (Just listen to the podcast, it will make sense.) If that's true, co-host Robin Hilton is grateful that Bob has at least imagined some great new music. You'll hear some of it on this edition of the program, including rapper Danny Brown, Swedish electronic duo Jonsson & Alter, and the beautiful voice of singer Tom Brosseau.

Also on the show: When was the last time you listened to an album three times in a row? For Bob, it was this past weekend when he discovered the new, self-titled record from the pop duo known as The Blow. Hear why he loves it so much. Plus folk singers Linda and Richard Thompson are reunited, and garage rock revivalist Ty Segall is back with yet another band - his eighth or ninth (we've lost track). The group is called Fuzz and it sounds exactly like the name.

The Blow

Album: The Blow

Song: Make It Up

Tom Brosseau

Artist: Tom Brosseau

Album: Grass Punks

Song: Cradle Your Device

Linda Thompson

Artist: Linda Thompson

Album: Won't Be Long Now

Song: Love's For Babies And Fools

Jonsson / Alter

Artist: Jonsson / Alter

Album: 2

Song: Brevet Hem (Vocal)

Danny Brown

Artist: Danny Brown

Album: Old

Song: Red 2 Go


Artist: Fuzz

Album: Fuzz

Song: Sleigh Ride

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