New horseshoe bat species found in London’s Natural History Museum collection

A bat preserved in alcohol for 30 years in the Natural History Museum's collection has been recognised as a new species of horseshoe bat. The female bat was collected in Malaysia in 1983 by Charles M Francis. The new species is named Rhinolophus francisi, or Francis' woolly horseshoe bat, in his honour. As the first example of this new species ever found and described, the Museum specimen has been designated as the type specimen. This means it will be used as a reference point by scientists trying to classify similar bats in the future. 'This new species of bat highlights once more the value and importance of natural history collections,' says Roberto Portela Miguez, an author of the study and Curator of Mammals at the Museum. 'Our current and future understanding of the world's biodiversity depends to a great extent on these collections and those who study them.' Bats in the

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