New Gallery

Keys to the Door: Co-owners Donna Schneider and Emily Corrigan, gallery director Whitney Schneider.
Who%26rsquo;s Showing: A multitude of canvases espousing the canon of contemporary realism reign in New Gallery%26rsquo;s handsome, 1,000-square-foot space on the second floor of the Pavilion Shopping Center on West Lovers Lane. Co-owners Donna Schneider and Emily Corrigan are both working artists. Schneider, an adroit painter of still lifes, landscapes, portraits and interiors, also serving as the main teacher at the studio that shares space with the gallery; Corrigan, accomplished in still life and landscape, is one of the featured talents among the studio painters. Schneider%26rsquo;s daughter, Whitney Schneider, brings her background in advertising, fund-raising and politics to her post as gallery director. In their stable is a Texas-to-international contingent of artists who exemplify the au courant art-world concept that a return to realism is valued and important. 5600 W. Lovers Lane, 214.366.0600;

Image: Donna Schneider%26rsquo;s Little House in Novgorod, 2007

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