New exhibition by the Israeli installation artist Hili Greenfeld on view at Art Cube Artists’ Studios, Jerusalem

During the Yom Kippur War, an Israeli soldier who served in the forces that crossed the Suez Channel, wandered along the banks of the Sweet Water Canal. The houses in the Canal’s area have been standing empty for a while, possibly abandoned already in the War of Attrition. The soldier entered one of the houses, where he found several objects on a desk: two drawings, a small donkey doll, and a Turkish coffee cup. He coveted the small objects and drawings and felt a need to save them from destruction. And so, against IDF orders that forbid plunder of civilian property, he took them with him back to Israel, as mementos from the war. Little surprise then, that he, who was driven by appreciation and curiosity for the paintings and objects he found, became a famous painter and lecturer in an Israeli art academy. Several years ago, Hili Greenfeld

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