New art book: Iterations by Caleb Cain Marcus to be published by Damiani in October

In recent years, the artistic practice of New York-based photographic artist Caleb Cain Marcus (born 1978) has moved increasingly toward the abstract. His photographs are no longer visual reproductions, but rather references to how we conceptualize our thoughts and feelings while engaging with the world. In 2018, Cain Marcus completed a new series of 25 large-scale photographs, each depicting a shifting beam of light rendered in blood red. These stunning works will be published this fall in Iterations, the third in a series of five art books by Cain Marcus published by Damiani that showcase the artist’s new minimalist practice and masterful use of color. In Iterations, Cain Marcus explores color, shape and spatiality by mixing up digital and analog processes. In his essay in the book, the acclaimed post-minimalist sculptor Richard

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