Neues Museum – State Museum for Art and Design in Nuremberg opens exhibition of works by Goshka Macuga

Intellectual Co-operation is the first solo exhibition by the Polish-British artist Goshka Macuga (born 1967 in Warsaw) at a major institution in Germany. In her many-facetted work, the artist creates networks between places and times, people and stories. She is known for her diverse practice that extends to curatorial and narrative fields, using media as varied as photo collage, sculpture, large-format tapestry, video and performance. The exhibition offers a wide-ranging insight into Macuga’s oeuvre and takes its title from a series of large-scale sculptural works, International Institute of Intellectual Co-operation (2015). They refer to a historical gathering of scientists and intellectuals who met in the 1920s and served as a council of elders (for the League of Nations). In these works, she interconnects the specially made bronze heads of scientists and thinkers who took an interdisciplinary approach, as

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