National Portrait Gallery acquires new sculpture of Baroness Joan Bakewell

A newly acquired portrait of Baroness Joan Bakewell, the broadcaster, journalist and writer, has been unveiled at the National Portrait Gallery it was announced today, Thursday 31 March. The ceramic half-length sculpture is part of an ongoing series of portraits of influential women by the artist Glenys Barton and it is the final of a trio of works that she has made of Joan Bakewell since 2012. All of the sittings for the sculpture took place at Baroness Bakewell’s home. It is the third portrait by the artist to join the Collection following the Gallery’s acquisitions of Barton’s sculptures of actress Glenda Jackson and the fashion designer, Jean Muir. Joan Bakewell came to prominence as a television presenter of current affairs and the arts in the 1960s on Late Night Line-Up (1965-72). She later presented Heart of the Matter (1988-2000). Her books include autobiographical works The

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