National Heritage Centre for Horseracing & Sporting Art displays two important new loans including Stubbs

Two outstanding paintings have recently gone on display on long term loan in the Packard Galleries at the National Heritage Centre for Horseracing & Sporting Art, Newmarket. Both from private collections, they have rarely been on public display before. Jenison Shafto’s racehorse Snap, held by Thomas Jackson, joins seven other paintings by the famous 18th century artist in the Packard Galleries, which displays a selection of the finest sporting art works in Britain. This painting shows Stubbs work in the early stages of his career experimenting still with form, but showing that expert knowledge and dexterity with which he became renowned. Today Stubbs is known and loved for his anatomically accurate and sensitively realistic portraits of imperious horses and the attendant cast of dogs and humans. He immersed himself in the life of the horse and was fascinated

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