mumok opens solo exhibition of works by Hannah Black

Hannah Black’s solo show at mumok takes a contemporary approach to key questions raised in the group exhibition WOMAN. Feminist Avant-garde in the 1970s from the SAMMLUNG VERBUND Collection (May 6 to September 3, 2017). Black, born in Manchester and living in Berlin and New York, focuses in her work on her own corporeality and the social rules and norms that relate to the body. She begins with radical feminist ideas, the theory of Marxism, and critical race theory, and her artistic practice reflects how social and global developments are inscribed into the body. The body becomes a trap for social role ascriptions that allow no alternatives. Black is especially interested in overlaps and stalemates between the forces of social coercion, representations of reality based on experience, world history, and personal history. She combines autobiographical moments with theoretical material. These elements are presented by means of contemp

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