Move Over, Crystal Bridges

We know Walmart heiress Alice Walton created a museum %26mdash; the extraordinary Crystal Bridges in Bentonville, Arkansas %26mdash; but what would she think of Paul-Mart, we wonder? Madcap collaborative provocateur Houston artist Paul Horn takes the Walmart experience as a starting point, then reprises it for the white cube (Deborah Colton Gallery, that is) to concoct a shopping extravaganza/art-world happening. More than 20 local talents, including store designer Solomon Kane, are stocked at Paul-Mart, all using the media of plastic and selling for a mass-marketed $99.99 or less. The interactive installation is one component of the %26ldquo;Plastic Fantastic%26rdquo; group show inspired by my own father, scientist/inventor/plastic pioneer Dr. Harry D. Anspon, and even features the retailer%26rsquo;s trademark greeters, special end-cap displays and branded Paul-Mart packaging. Paul-Mart in %26ldquo;Plastic Fantastic,%26rdquo; September 8 through October 27, at Deborah Colton Gallery.

Paul-Mart packaging, at Deborah Colton Gallery

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