Moogfest 2012

If it weren't for Robert Moog, a lot of the music you enjoy today might not have been possible. As the inventor of the Moog synthesizer, he gave rise to not only the technology needed for modern electronic music, but also the creative spirit that inspired countless musicians to take his vision and play with it, mold it and reshape it into mind-blowing works of art.

This past weekend, a remarkably gifted group of electronic and experimental rock artists gathered in Asheville, N.C., for the annual Moogfest. All Songs Considered host Bob Boilen and NPR electronic and dance-music contributor Sami Yenigun were there and, on this week's show, discuss some of their favorite sets, including a special performance from electronic-music pioneer Morton Subotnick, Andy Stott, DJ legends Carl Craig and Richie Hawtin, along with Ana Sia, Squarepusher, Exitmusic and more.

Morton Subotnick

Subotnick released the first all-electronic album, Silver Apples of the Moon, in 1967. Last Friday, he returned to Moogfest 2012 in Asheville, N.C., to perform the whole thing live. Hear the performance in its entirety.

Andy Stott

Stott is known for deep, brooding techno tracks that are shrouded in fuzzy tones. Hailing from Manchester, U.K., the producer has released music both under his own name and as Andrea.


This is the official video for the Blondes song "Wine" from the band's self-titled full-length debut.

Ana Sia

Ana Sia produces high-energy bass music set to hip-hop rhythms. Born in Minnesota, Sia saw her DJing career take off while in San Francisco, where her mix of low-end-heavy styles earned her a reputation for slaying the dance floor. Appropriately, her nickname is "Princess Slay-ah."

Death Grips

Watch Death Grips perform at the CMJ Music Marathon via NPR Music and WNYC.

This group from Sacramento, Calif., has given some of the most memorable live performances of any act this year, with bass-heavy beats and intensely physical theatrics.


Note: Squarepusher's set at Moogfest 2012 was not among the shows NPR Music recorded.

This track is "303 Scopem Hard" from Squarepusher's 2012 album Ufabulum, via KCRW.

Richie Hawtin

Hear Richie Hawtin's full performance at Moogfest 2012.

Hawtin came up in the Detroit techno scene during the '90s, and built his reputation on a minimal style of dance music. It's not music for everyone, but those who follow any of Hawtin's numerous aliases do show with impassioned vigilance.

Carl Craig

This cut is "Sketches, Pt. 4" from Carl Craig's 2012 EP Last Decade, released under the alias Carls Davis.


Hear Disclosure's full performance at Moogfest 2012.

Brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence grew up on the outskirts of London, and got their start in the U.K. garage scene making music as Disclosure.


This song is "Mistaken Identity" from the 2011 Ahleuchatistas album Location Location.

Tim Hecker & Daniel Lopatin

The song featured here is "Uptown Psychedelia" from Tim Hecker and Daniel Lopatin's album Instrumental Tourist, due out in November 2012.


This performance of "White Noise," from Exitmusic's 2012 album Passenger, comes via WFUV.

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