Mondo Michael with Cique du Soleil

The world premier of Cirque du Soleil's, Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour, last night at the Toyota Center was something that even the king of pop would have been happy with. Employing its signature arsenal of awe-inspiring acrobatics, creative costumeary and overall caliber of execution Cirque's latest creation is mesmerizing; and, in some senses it had to be, after all they were performing material created by the master of showmanship himself. The central theme of this show is the King of Pop's fragile yet intensely creative inner being, which has been the wellspring of the countless songs that have come to define pop over the past 30 some odd years. Highlights of the show include the incorporation of technology into costumes in ways that only emphasize the beauty of certain moments in the show, as well as the splicing of video clips (shown on multiple onstage screens) that result in fantastically overpowering numbers. For anyone interested in music, Michael, or the magic of performance attendance to either tonight%26rsquo;s 8pm show or tomorrow's matinee is highly recommended. (For tickets:

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