MIT List Visual Arts Center’s upcoming exhibition features Delia Gonzalez’s most recent body of work

The MIT List Visual Arts Center features Athens-based artist Delia Gonzalez as part of its List Projects exhibition series. Gonzalez works in drawing, sculpture, music, film, dance, and performance. She draws inspiration from a broad range of sources including the history of the cinema, surrealism, Greek mythology, and different mystical traditions. In her most recent body of work, The Last Days of Pompeii (2017), the fate of the ancient Roman city serves as vehicle for a fantastical reflection on apocalyptic destruction and cyclical renewal, all conceived against the backdrop of the contemporary political landscapes of the United States and Greece. List Projects: Delia Gonzalez opens July 31 and remains on view through September 30, 2018. Pompeii’s dramatic demise under the ashes of erupting Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D. has

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