Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art opens Italian artist Chiara Camoni’s first UK solo exhibition

MIMA presents Italian artist Chiara Camoni’s first UK solo exhibition through the display of a new acquisition, showing from 8 January to 10 February 2019. MIMA has acquired three large sculptures from Camoni’s most recent series Sisters (iron, glazed clay, candles, fire, 2017) with support from the first edition of the Contemporary Art Society’s Jackson Tang Ceramic Award. This purchase makes the Middlesbrough Collection the UK’s first public collection to acquire Camoni’s work. Sister1, Sister3 and Sister4 are glazed clay forms with multi-coloured candles that are lit during the works’ display, with the subsequent dripping wax forming part of the piece. They will be shown for one month, during which time different individuals and groups who represent MIMA’s constituents and communities will light the candles in a daily event. This activation

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