Marianne Vitale’s first exhibition with INVISIBLE-EXPORTS opens in New York

INVISIBLE-EXPORTS is presenting Marianne Vitale’s “Equipment,” the artist’s first exhibition with the gallery, consisting of a fleet of handcrafted wooden torpedoes, each hand-painted and adorned with a unique insignia. Since she began her “burning bridges” series almost ten years ago, Marianne Vitale has often been described as an artist working in the language of the frontier, with monumental, large-scale site-specific sculptures that draw on repurposed artifact-materials reanimated from earlier eras and far-flung places: railroad ties, wood bridges, barns. But a better description might be that her work addresses technological frontiers, and thresholds and limits and arrows through time. As Carlo McCormick writes in an upcoming monograph, “Her artworks conjure intermediate places, locations of the indeterminate, interstices in the permanent.

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