London-based interdisciplinary artist Mark Farid opens exhibition at Gazelli Art House

Gazelli Art House presents Poisonous Antidote by Mark Farid. The London-based interdisciplinary artist will continue his investigation into conceptions of individual privacy and its metamorphosis in contemporary society through technology. Following Edward Snowden’s leaks of 2013 and current trends in British politics*, consensus of the public majority suggests that privacy is no longer valued as a protected right. In Poisonous Antidote , Farid calls to attention this erosion of privacy and its relation to the advent of social media, augmenting the Internet’s role in how one’s public perception is shaped. Through these carefully curated portals into one’s private life, individuals willingly relinquish privacy on online platforms in exchange for edited social stardom, eliminating from publication those moments that don’t make the grade. An acute awareness of this digital

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