Linde Burkhardt’s ‘The Dowry of the Princess of Trebizond’ on view at the International Design Museum

Designer Linde Burkhardt is showing in collaboration with Die Neue Sammlung – The International Design Museum Munich – her project “Die Mitgift der Prinzessin von Trapezunt” (The Dowry of the Princess of Trebizond). Combining ceramics with Murano glass, wood and marble, she has produced seven life-sized and out-sized sculptural objects as free ceramic works. The group of works translates the mythical legend of the Princess of Trebizond into a postmodern statement on the connection between Orient and Occident. “On her long artistic path Linde Burkhardt has attained the most mature and profound expression of her creativity to date.” (Alessandro Mendini) Adjectives such as multifaceted, refined and numerous describe the highly stacked elements arranged into seven steles and embodying the value of a royal dowry: Like monuments, they represent seven cities

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