Let’s Open the Door

A bridge to art, community and diversity is concluding its inaugural Houston exhibition. Early last spring, artist-adorned freestanding doors began popping up throughout the city %26mdash; 58 total, in 19 intriguing sites, Houston Public Library and Hong Kong Market to Jamail Skate Park and Memorial and Hermann Parks. (My own commute, along Heights Boulevard, boasts doors by Tierney Malone and Daniel Anguilu.) Now these collectible portals can be yours. Better than the adorable but gimmicky cows that charged into town in 2001, the Open the Door project is incubated here, organized for the Texan-French Alliance for the Arts (TFAA) by executive director and cross-cultural curator Karine Parker-Lemoyne (who dreamed up the UNESCO Paris show %26ldquo;Go West%26rdquo; for Texan and French artists in 2011), alongside participating French painter/curator Romain Froquet, who originated the project across the pond a decade earlier. The tapped artists encompass some of our best and brightest (alongside French counterparts), including Houston creatives such as the aforementioned Malone of the jazz-and-texts riffs and street talent Anguilu, painter Kelly Alison (TFAA patroness Lynn Wyatt acquired her Annie Oakley door), Rahul Mitra, Gonzo 247 and Jesse Lott. The latter%26rsquo;s ode to the late Bert Long Jr. is not to be missed in the Third Ward%26rsquo;s Emancipation Park. To view the lots, openthedoor-houston.com/gallery; bid through the contact page.

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