Lavish, Indeed

The Dallas Contemporary rolls out one of the largest and most significant exhibitions devoted to contemporary design ever organized in North Texas, titled %26ldquo;Lavish: Design in Dallas,%26rdquo; opening January 11 (through March 9). As befits its prime spot at the heart of the reinvigorated Design District, the DC transforms its cavernous interiors into an elaborate stage set featuring dreamlike tableaux for six Dallas innovators who are crafting new-century contributions in the realms of jewelry, fashion, textiles and sculptural installations. Contemporary director Peter Doroshenko takes curatorial reins in this greatly anticipated presentation that brings into the limelight a half-dozen local talents (intriguingly, all women): Megan Adams Brooks (textiles), Josephine Durkin (kinetic sculpture), Sue Gragg (jewelry), Nicole Musselman (an interactive fashion installation; we can%26rsquo;t wait to try on her designs), Angela Scott (handcrafted shoes) and Joy O. Ude (including an installation of lunchboxes). In keeping with the over-the-top successes of recent dynamic fashion- and design-minded museum mountings (Jean Paul Gaultier at the DMA in 2011, Ken Price at the Nasher in Spring 2013), the DC%26rsquo;s take on this subject promises to cross-pollinate its white cube with a topical mix of the alluring, the exquisitely minimal, the perfectly%26nbsp; understated, with perhaps a dash of the Baroque, thus positing a case for Dallas as a nexus for a new, carefully considered culture of detail and design.

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