Kovacek Contemporary presents US artist Doug Argue in Europe for the first time

Kovacek Contemporary (Spiegelgasse 12, 1010 Vienna) is the first gallery in Europe to present the New York City-based artist Doug Argue. Both the dynamic and the effect of depth play an important role in Doug Argue’s art. His style is defined by large formats and intensive colors. Biomorphic shapes are just as much part of his Oeuvres as geometric, moving or seemingly unstable surfaces. Finally, his art is characterized by illusion, abstraction and coloring on the one hand, and the ability to discuss critical topics on the other. Culled from literary classics such as Moby-Dick to sonnets by thirteenth century poet Petrarch, Argue’s atomized texts are inspired by psycholinguistic and scientific phenomena. Argue has developed an interest in literature at the early stages of his career: “The Chicken” (1994), a well-known monumental painting which depicts thous

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