‘Jeremy Thomas: Ditching the Cardigan’ opens at Charlotte Jackson Fine Art in Santa Fe

Across the floor, up the walls, the steel forms-bloated, bulging, curved-seem to be caught in the midst of their own creation. Ranging in size from massive (several feet across) to quite small (a hefty double-handful) these objects demand attention and invite close inspection. Ditching the Cardigan provides viewers with an opportunity to get up close to the latest (many never-before-seen) works by Jeremy Thomas. These sculptures, made of mild forged steel inflated with pressurized air, are both constructed and, in some sense, grown. Thomas starts with inscribing basic forms (beginning with the circle, but more recently the forms include ellipses and polygons) onto plates of steel. The steel is cut to shape, and then the flat shapes are folded. Folded pieces of steel are then welded together. And here is where the process gets intriguing-Thomas then inflates these welded

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