Janet Borden Inc. opens Amusement Park by Ddavid Brandon Geeting

Janet Borden, Inc. announces Amusement Park by Ddavid Brandon Geeting. The exhibition will run from 1 February – 15 March 2018. This is Mr. Geeting's first solo exhibition with the gallery. Amusement Park by David Brandon Geeting is a collection of edgy portraits, outrageous still lifes and cryptic documentary shots. The accompanying monograph was assembled by publisher Lodret Vandret. The work is not actually about an amusement park but rather about their allure along with decrepitude and that is endemic in these places. Geeting juxtaposes the fun glamour of bright shiny objects with a colorful decay that denotes the passing of time. “At first glance an amusement park looks really fun. But after you spend some time in one, you realize it’s actually a bit nightmarish and everything’s falling apart.” His subject matter is treated with the same joyful irreverence, somewhere in between

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