It’s Gonna Get Sweaty: A Maryland Deathfest Preview

Once a year, we pull out our skull goblets, prepare various sacrifices and get ourselves ready for Maryland Deathfest. Now in its tenth year, Maryland Deathfest is the largest metal festival in the United States. On this episode, host Bob Boilen is joined by NPR Music's resident metal fiend and Viking berserker, Lars Gotrich, and metal writer Kim Kelly to preview some of the doom, black metal and crust punk artists performing on this year's stages. With band names like Autopsy, Infernal Stronghold and Dragged Into Sunlight, it's going to be a dark, twisted and awesome time.

Be sure to follow our two metal scribes at MDF this week as they document four days of sweaty mosh, sometimes questionable hygiene and so, so many black t-shirts. You'll find interviews and photos on Lars' Tumblr and @totalvibration, plus more coverage from @grimkim. See you in the pit.


Album: Southern Discomfort

Song: Southern Discomfort 


Album: Macabre Eternal

Song: Always About to Die

Dragged Into Sunlight

Album: Hatred for Mankind

Song: Volcanic Birth

Saint Vitus

Album: Lillie: F-65

Song: Bleeding Ground


Infernal Stronghold

Album: Godless Noise

Song: Snorting the Ruins of Sodom

Coke Bust

Album: Lines in the Sand

Song: Forced to Live


Extermination Angel

Album: Demo 2009 a?.?k?.?a. "Advancement Into Obscurity"

Song: Whirlwind Killing Spree


Album: Natural OrderSong: I Beg in Blood

Learn more about this release on the band's website.

Electric Wizard

Album: Black Masses

Song: Black Mass


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