INVISIBLE-EXPORTS opens a two-person show featuring Louise Nevelson and Vaginal Davis

INVISIBLE-EXPORTS is presenting, Chimera, a two-person show featuring two grandstanding, iconoclastic, and spectacular women. Louise Nevelson needs no introduction: the legendary eccentric √©migr√© sculptor of monumental and famously monochromatic wood structures who upended midcentury sculpture and thumbed a nose at fashionable abstract expressionism. Un-intimidated, she redefined the visual language of feminism through her pioneering assemblages and public art (it was considered shocking, at the time, that she eschewed the favored welded metal for wood, a material that came to define her as an artist.) She also painted, and printed, and treated her own public persona as a kind of sculpture: “The dandy of American art is a woman,” Robert Hughes wrote in 1977. Forty-two years old before she had her first solo exhibition, and nearing

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