Interior Influences: Janet Borden, Inc. opens a group exhibition

Janet Borden, Inc. is presenting Interior Influences. Jim Dow, Walker Evans, Fernando Paillet, and Guillermo Srodek-Hart photograph interior views. This exhibition is a study of inspiration, encouragement and guidance; from teachers, mentors and exemplars, as well as cultures, continents and time periods. The exhibition runs from 22 October – 7 December 2019. Four years ago, American photographer Jim Dow and his Argentinian colleague Guillermo SrodekHart began to open up old boxes of negatives and prints, with the intention of making a proposal for a small, two person show. To their mutual surprise, they discovered that they had selected many pictures full of unmistakable similarities and meaningful differences that served to initiate dialogues about influence, ideas and intent. This inspired the decision to include two more

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