HK elections showed ‘great spirit’: dissident artist

Victory in community-level elections in Hong Kong showed the "great spirit" of the pro-democracy movement, according to a Chinese dissident cartoonist whose work has been a feature of the protests. "The result is extraordinary," Badiucao told reporters on Monday during a visit to Berlin where he exhibited some of his politically satirical art in German MP Gyde Jensen's office. The election showed Hong Kongers were not just fighting for democracy but "also practising it". "I think that great spirit was shown.... That's how powerful democracy is," said Badiucao, adding that the protests were "a source of hope" for China as a whole. Badiucao originally comes from Shanghai but is now based in Australia. He says he cannot return to China as he and his family on the mainland have received threats because of his work. He has been compared to Banksy

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