Francisco Alvarado, Brookhaven College

Sonrisa by Francisco Alvarado

Sonrisa by Francisco Alvarado

DADA is pleased to introduce one of the 14 Edith Baker Art Scholarship finalists, Francisco Alvarado of Brookhaven College. Alvarado’s Sonrisa has been selected for the September 25th exhibition at the Irving Arts Center.

In his self portrait titled, Sonrisa, Alvarado explores gender and the iconography that often defines it. Alvarado’s work often deals with defining memories of symbols and traditions. The Brookhaven art student works with watercolors, oils, woodcuts, found objects and photographs to explore the meaning of these rituals.

Although currently working on 2D and 3D projects, Alvarado says he would like to begin working with large-scale pieces and materials.

The Edith Baker Art Scholarship and juried exhibition is an exciting opportunity for Alvarado. Since materials can be expensive, this would be a chance to fund the ambitious side of his work. But, it also allows Alvarado a chance to show his work to larger audience.

”œAs a shy art student, I hardly ever have the confidence to seek exposure,” Alvarado says. ”œBeing able to have work displayed in a gallery is already a great achievement for me. I am honored to have been included in this show, alongside many other great artists.”

After completing Brookhaven’s program, Alvarado plans on earning a BFA in printmaking or painting and then an MFA. He would like to teach abroad, most likely returning to his native Mexico.

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