‘Hayley Tompkins. Technicolor Hamburger’ on view at the Drawing Room in Hamburg

The Glasgow-based artist perceives herself to be a painter. However, she creates her “paintings” from objects that painters would normally never consider basing their representations on. Instead of the conventional canvas, Tompkins uses a wide range of different everyday objects as image carriers, for example mobile phones, knives and chairs, sunglasses or small branches, which she transforms into something different using delicate brushstrokes. This works series, which Tompkins has named Objects, deals with the question of how adding paint can transform found basic commodities, giving them a new identity that goes beyond their previous functionality. “This transformation is, perhaps, the meaning of optical research in Tompkins’ practice, the uncovering and foregrounding of secondary characteristics in the material world”, according to Will Bradley (in ‘Up until now’, exhibition

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