Harvard Graduate School of Design opens new exhibition: Love in a Mist

Harvard Graduate School of Design is presenting a new group exhibition curated by architect-researcher Malkit Shoshan. Love in a Mist presents political, artistic, and architectural investigations of fertility, drawing on works by Dr. Rebecca Gomperts and Women on Waves, Joep van Liehout, Yael Bartana, Tabita Rezaire, Lori Brown and Desiree Dolron. The exhibition is on view at the GSD through December 20, 2019. So-called “Heartbeat Laws,” the recently introduced abortion-ban bills in states such as Mississippi, Kentucky, and Georgia, provoked Shoshan to investigate the spaces behind attempts to control women’s bodies and nature. As she dug deeper, Shoshan discovered a feedback loop consistent throughout modern history: with hormones, steroids, and other forms of biological control applied both to women and to animals, we have generated

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