Hamburger Kunsthalle opens exhibition of works from its collection

The Hamburger Kunsthalle is now presenting the second part of its exhibition trilogy Honey, I Rearrabged the Collection: Help Me Hurt Me. Between Care and Cruelty. In three acts, the trilogy delves into fundamental areas of human experience: relationships with things, with others, and with space. The Kunsthalle is fortunate to have in its collection international artworks marking pivotal moments in contemporary art such as Bruce Nauman’s room-filling video installation »Anthro/Socio (Rinde Spinning)« (1992), Nan Goldin’s multipart slide work »The Ballad of Sexual Dependency« (1992) and Gerhard Richter’s painting cycle »S. with Child« (1995). These works deal compellingly with people as social beings caught up in complex interdependencies with partners, families and various groups. The exhibition, whose title quotes a line of from Nauman’s abovenamed video installation, explores the

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