Halcyon Gallery opens exhibition of works by Spanish artist Pedro Paricio

In September 2016, contemporary Spanish artist, Pedro Paricio, will present Dreams, his forthcoming exhibition at Halcyon Gallery, London. This brand new body of work is part of an exploration into self-reflection, the collective subconscious and the transcendental nature of art. Paricio acts as a catalyst for self-reflection by tapping into our collective subconscious through his artworks. In this new exhibition, he is also a creator of dreams which take the form of the original and imaginative scenes within his paintings. “Dreams are not only what we inhabit when we sleep. They are also fantasies, desires and fears, both what we are hopeful for and what we are oblivious to. Though dreams are subconscious, they are also a reflection of consciousness,” Pedro Paricio. Paricio explores ways in which artwork can become transcendental – uninfluenced by the fashions

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