Group exhibition curated by Mikkel Carl opens at Rod Barton

Rod Barton presents Got tortilla with butter on phone. Think it's the end?* a group exhibition curated by Mikkel Carl. In an attempt to answer this delicate, perhaps metaphorical question recently posed by Cher (!) on Twitter*, the show presents a number of what may or may not simply be referred to as "female" artists. Used as an analytical tool this otherwise descriptive term female must be something distinguishable from so-called feminine aesthetics as well as from politicized feminist positions. Hence, the works of this exhibition can be said to structurally reflect (upon) the fact that they are made by women – arguably in a variety of ways – but without aesthetically, morally or politically over-emphasizing the gender of their maker. Furthermore, the works more or less directly express a sensibility towards the revised terms of production, distribution and reception, being the reality of the post-

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