Greek artist Stefanos Tsivopoulos’ History Zero installed at MuCEM in Marseille

In a museum of civilisations like the MuCEM, curators, scientists, researchers in social sciences and humanities are not the only ones able to shed light on the social issues which underlie current European and Mediterranean political affairs. Artists have long addressed these issues in order to twist them into new forms, decipher them, and offer a singular reading which allows us to perceive and interpret them differently. The Georges-Henri Rivière (GHR) building, at Fort Saint-Jean, has precisely that purpose: to provide a place for contemporary works which make these areas of tension, fracture and change perceptible; areas that artists are often able to perceive before everyone else, and on which they offer a specific point of view that is neither encyclopaedic nor didactic, but one that compels us to think deeply. History Zero is an installation that belongs to this very category of works. Created

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