Glove in Hand: Aurel Scheibler opens exhibition of works by American artist David Schutter

“Glove in Hand” is the American artist David Schutter‘s (b. 1974) third solo show at Aurel Scheibler. It features paintings and will run through June 27, 2015. The king’s slaves carried me in a hammock to the Congo River, which was over two long miles away. On arriving there, I could see from atop a hill our ship lying at the hook of the Padron. I hired a prauw for two ells of blue cloth to bring me across the river. - Pieter Van Den Broeke, Chief Tradesman and Admiral of the Dutch East India Company, from his journal “Third Voyage to Angola”, 1612 Pieter Van Den Broeke brought 65,000 lbs. of ivory to Amsterdam a year before the above was written and was soon thereafter given his ultimate title. Later placed to govern trade in the Banda Islands by his corporation, Van Den Broeke so harshly decimated the native population and competitive traders in his pursuance of a nutmeg and

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