“Glories of the Baroque: 17th Century European Art” on view at the San Antonio Museum of Art

The San Antonio Museum of Art features Glories of the Baroque, a focus exhibition on view through July 26, 2014. A dozen works, both on loan and from the Museum’s seventeenth-century European collection, (including three etchings by Rembrandt) demonstrate the accomplishments of this great period in art history. The Baroque style—developed in and often associated with Rome— spread to affect visual and decorative arts, architecture, and urban design across Europe. The word “baroque” was originally a term of derision. “Barocco” literally means “oddly shaped” like a malformed pearl. It was used by eighteenth century scholars to describe the art of the previous century, which they saw as bizarre and illogical. Today the term refers to the cultural and historic period that extends from around 1575 to 1725 in Europe. The style originated in Rome, and spread north

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